Old school techniques, modern work-flow.


Portraits, Fashion, Sports, Corporate, Weddings, et al

Print Graphics and Logo Design

Brochures, Posters, T-shirts, Package Design

Online IT Services

Web Design, Data Analytics, Email Marketing, & More

Email Marketing Solutions

From developing a strategy to implementing a campaign I've both resurrected old email resources and created new ones. Revamping client imagery to be more up to date and ensuring that their customers are getting the most out of their marketing campaign.


Need to add video to your marketing department? Have a Youtube channel that needs some sprucing up? Need to build your media network through services like Vimeo? Offering everything from content production to data analysis to grow your fan base.

Data Analysis

Wonder how you are doing with your online presence? You can find out exactly what moves your customer and clients, pin-point what Facebook posts generate the most re-posts, which pages on your website are getting the most google traffic, how far are you tweets traveling. I provide everything from contextual data analysis and social media executive reports to annotated graphics highlighting shifts in major metrics.

Social Media

Implementation of various social media initiatives on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Photo contests, surveys, prize opportunities, and many ways to implement new opportunities for customer engagement.


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