Team Maxxis-Shimano

Digital Brand Identity for a new professional cycling team.


We developed a very simple WordPress site for the team. Allowing the ability to list the racing schedule, a few tidbits about each of the riders on the team, as well as the ability to post new articles and photo galleries.  The team’s communication plan involves a hefty dose of social media, especially Instagram, but they are also producing blog articles after each race meaning that the site needed to be easy to update and work on.

Team Maxxis Shimano Website

Social Media

We are managing three social media properties for the team: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Instagram account.


Both title sponsors of the team were very interested in making sure that all the properties had a similar look and feel that would work in concert with existing brand identities.  We ensured this through the sponsor related color schemes and images.  Making sure that even if we don’t have one of the formal logos on a property that we have an image where the logo is prominently placed.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 13.38.09


Media Asset Delivery

One of the major aspects that can be overlooked when it comes to a sponsorship based business model is getting quality marketing assets to the sponsors.  For Team Maxxis Shimano we are using a web based photo database service called Photoshelter to serve up images to the sponsors.  Photoshelter allows our photographer to easily upload images, manage users and download rights, and quickly organize a group of images from different events.  We have been using the Photoshelter service for a few years with other clients and have been quite happy with it.  There is a steep learning curve, but the ability to easily and quickly group images and search by meta tags makes it indispensable for us in terms of quickly delivering assets to the media or agencies.  If you’re a photographer looking for a host for your images, I would commend the free trial of Photoshelter to you.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 13.12.23

Email Campaigns

Email is still a major way for many clients to access their fans.  The cycling community is no different.  From press releases to keeping contact with team constituents, the team management uses Mailchimp email campaigns for all kinds of communication needs.  It offers open-rate tracking and embedding of all the types of media that the team could ever want!

Screenshot 2015-11-02 10.12.10