Cyanotype Prints

About the cyanotype print process: The cyanotype print is one of the oldest forms of photographic reproduction, and surprisingly one of the most stable and archival. Prints can take up to four days to complete after coating, printing, washing, toning, and drying again.

Many of my cyanotypes start life as original hand developed film negatives that are then contact printed, either from the original as is the case with my 4×5 prints, or digitally enlarged internegatives.

Each cyanotype is unique and printed onto a hand coated paper that affects the final tone and quality of the image.

Archival Pigments Prints

About these prints: These archival pigment prints typically start with either a digital image, or a film negative.  Each print is processed by me, checked for color accuracy, and signed and dated before it goes into a shipping envelope.

Some prints, such as my photo card sets, are limited editions and will be noted as such.  Once I make the main set of prints for that set, they are numbered, signed, and dated and that’s all I’m going to print of those images in that format.