Who is Mr. Jonathan Potter?

Photographer | Video | Content Production

Born in 1982, Jonathan Potter holds the awkward distinction of being an aging millennial: a kid raised in the age of dial-up modems and AOL messenger. He now grapples with an internal need for an analog life paired with the reality that his digital dreams have come true. Potter has cobbled together home darkrooms for as long as he can remember, always cherishing the hours spent in the red glow of safelights. He has never shied away from the analog process, and now, more than ever, embraces a hybrid digital-analog method. The square Kodak Instamatic prints of his childhood are etched in his mind each time he reviews photos after a shoot, always searching for that same intrigue and innocence of youth.

His images have been published in the L.A. Times, Dance Magazine, Rouleur Magazine, The Asheville Citizen Times, JPG Magazine, GTU Magazine, Cycling Tips, and used by numerous commercial clients.

Potter specializes in performance and process documentation for theater and dance.

Potter holds a Masters of Arts from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.